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The stepping stones

Life in the water

The stepping stones invite children and childlike people to walk dry-shod into the water. You may have luck and see some of the animals that live in the lake, such as crabs, fjord shrimps, and sticklebacks. If you decide to wade you may see a small flatfish darting across the sandy bottom, a flounder, a plaice or a turbot . Here are also cod, herring and eel, but fishing is not allowed in this lake.

Catch little animals

You may catch all the little animals in the water, but you must release them again after having taken a closer look at them! If you return to the nature room you can bring a small net, a plastic tray or a plastic pail. Fill the pail with water and then empty the net into the pail. Then you can see how many different fishes and small animals it is possible to catch. Remember to set them free again.

The lagune

The lake is a kind of lagune and it is also called Thyborøn Fjord. It was created in the 1950s when the protective dike was built and a strip of the Limfjord was cut off and enclosed here. There is still a connection to the Limfjord through a sluice that ensures that the water in the lagune is exchanged over time. A few years ago the sluice was changed to an automatic one, which is supposed to keep the water level stable while the birds are breeding. Hopefully this will improve the success rate of breeding ruff and dunlin.