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The town and its harbour

Before the isthmus was broken by the sea in 1862, Thyborøn was a part of Thy, which is also indicated by its name. After the creation of the channel, the town grew from only 9 houses in 1879. In 1899 almost 40 fishing boats were active at the channel and the harbour was built between 1915 and 1918. In 1899 there were trains between Lemvig and Thyborøn and from then on the town grew quickly.

Today this development is reflected in Thyborøn’s buildings: the many little houses for people working at the harbour and the workplaces related to it, and the large houses that were built because of the good money in fishing.

In the winter of 1971-72 the first part of the new trash fish harbour was completed with a fishmeal factory. In 1974 to 1977 a new quay for industrial trawlers was built towards the west and at the southern end also a wharf for repairs. There are several businesses related to fishing in that area.

Today Thyborøn is one of the 5 biggest fishing harbours in Denmark, and also freight traffic is increasing steadily. Especially stone and gravel from the gravel works located at the southern harbour keep the harbour busy, but also chemicals for Cheminova are a substantial part of the freight traffic at Thyborøn.

Today Thyborøn Harbour is an independent municipal harbour focusing on the fishing of high quality fish for consumption, trash fish for TripleNine, and freight. The auction hall at Thyborøn was the first in Denmark to auction fish on the internet already in 2001, making the Thyborøn fish trade international.