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The nature of Northwestern Jutland

This is a region that is richly characterized by its nature. The last glacial age has left clear marks such as valleys dug out by melt water, clay bluffs and various kinds of deposits that are characteristic of this region.

If you want a quick survey of the landscape, then follow in the footsteps of Tørfisk (dried fish), a local folk music group from Thyborøn, and try a train ride with VLTJ, the local railway. Through the windows of the train you can see how the landscape changes from hills and trees to lyme grass and dunes.

If you like to explore nature, the Country of Hills and Waves is the place for you. Here are many possibilities for hiking and cycling. At the tourist offices of Lemvig and Thyborøn you can get leaflets with descriptions of marked routes in the whole area and you can buy maps for cycling. If you favour horse riding, you should have a look at hestnordvest.dk. Then you might want a real horse riding holiday!

The terminal moraine from the last ice age is like a line through the forest of Klosterheden, one of the largest forests in Denmark. The forest is a fantastic play ground for children as well as adults, and at the same time it is an Eldorado for the only wild beavers in Denmark. In 2012 the number of beavers was estimated to be about 165.

Lemvig tourist office arranges a guided tour called “Beaver, Beef and Bordeaux” lasting two days with an overnight stay in a ”lavvu”, a conical kind of tent. You will learn about beavers and deer and eat wonderful venison in the forest. Most of the time the guided tour will be on foot in a varied environment. Please contact Lemvig tourist office if you are interested in more information about this tour.

Getting into close contact with nature by bus.

If you choose a guided tour on “The Nature Bus”, an information centre on wheels also covering the Klosterhede area, you will be guaranteed the best possibilities of experiencing nature. With its computer connected telescope, its TV-screens and other hardware facilities it lets you experience details as far away as 500m, and suddenly you are very close to things even if you are in a bus. You may read more on the website of the Danish Nature Agency.