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A unique countryside

Over thousands of years the forces of nature raged freely along the west coast of Denmark. Material was carried by the currents which led to the formation of the isthmus between the sea and the Limfjord. During a storm tide about 150 years ago, in December 1862, the sea broke through at Thyborøn.

This event marks the beginning of man’s fight against nature and the beginning of modern Thyborøn. Through massive construction of protective projects it has proved possible to keep the coastline in place, and gradually one of Denmark’s largest fishing harbours developed at the new channel.

On Harboøre Tange the countryside is characterized by human activity. The pits along the protective dikes prove that material for the dikes was dug up here and the eastern dike protects against flooding from the Limfjord. On that dike trains from VLTJ pass by as if they owned the countryside. On the beach the many bunkers from WW 2 bear witness to the fact that there has also been a different kind of fight over this coast. In spite of all these examples of human interference and regulation the area can still offer fantastic experiences of nature all year round in a unique part of Denmark, no matter if the sun is shining or the elements of nature are raging.