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The local train VLTJ

The line from Lemvig to Thyborøn is the newest sector of the Vemb-Lemvig-Thyborøn railway, which has been a part of Central Jutland Railways since 2008.

The line from Lemvig to Harboøre was opened on 22 July 1899, while the stretch from Harboøre to Thyborøn was not opened until 1 November 1899 because of major problems with laying the tracks on the sanded isthmus. Operating problems continued during the first years, and an attempt was made at the beginning of the 1900s to transfer operations to the state or to the Royal Danish Department of Maritime Works (the Danish Coastal Authority). The ministry was asked for permission to close the line, but the answer was “no” because the line was almost completed.

The line was unable to maintain its original route because of coastal fortification works, and since 1955 the line has occupied its current position.

The track was modernised from 1979 to 1984. “Y” trains were introduced in 1983 and they (three of them) are still running on this stretch. At that time the railway had not had brand new equipment since 1932!

New safety systems and remote control throughout the track were added over the years, and work is continuing on the removal of crossings in order to minimise the risk of collisions between trains and cars.

The line transports about 200,000 passengers and about 20,000 tons of freight a year. Most of this goes to and from Cheminova, which also has its own side line down to the factory.