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Go to Northwest Jutland on holiday

Your happiness will make you dizzy when one bright day you cross through the dunes and hear the sea roaring at close hold. When you wander across far stretching heaths and endless forests you risk losing the power of speech. But when the reflection from the fjord and the smell of salt water make you hungry, you will soon recover when your appetite is satisfied with a meal of nothing but local delicacies of the highest quality.

This is what this part of Denmark does to us ever so often because we know this area as a secure and inspiring environment for our lives and our families. We know that this is exactly the kind of feeling our guests will remember and harbour after a stay in this corner of the country.

Here is all the vigour , pith, and nutritive power of Northwest Jutland condensed into a Maggi cube of experiences and a new perspective on life in a neighbourhood that offers many possibilities. That is why we are proud to welcome you.

What we offer you and your family is not something artificial wrapped up in glitter and glamour. In contrast we offer you active and working people in authentic environments where you may touch animals, feel the fish, and talk to impressive personalities who see their work as their mission in life. You will be guaranteed an encounter with what is genuine and original, which will give you food for thought and sustain your spirit in an otherwise busy working day.

You will also meet many wonderful and hospitable people who are willing to tell you what they believe you should see and experience when you are here.

You may indulge in our outstanding local delicacies. You may obtain greater knowledge of yourself as well as of this part of Denmark by visiting our museums, and your body will be grateful for an active day at the beach or in the forest.

In fact we love our neighbourhood to such a degree that we have chosen to pretend that our life is one long holiday from which we shall not return.