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Edible plants

Nature offers masses of edible plants. They can be used in daily cuisine, for making jam, eaten on the spot, or used to make herbal schnapps.

But avoid collecting plants along the road between Cheminova and the toxic waste dump at Breakwater 42 – they may be contaminated. This also applies along the bicycle track about 200 metres north and south of the treatment plant.

Common sorrel grows along the edge of the bicycle track where you are standing. The leaves have a fresh astringent taste and they can be used in salads.

Wild roses have spread from holiday cottage gardens into the dunes and they are now being removed as a so-called invasive species. The fruits are rich in vitamin C, tasty, and used to make jam.
Common yarrow has also been called soldier’s herb. As the plant contains substances which combat inflammation and “stomach pain”, it was a part of the soldier’s field kit as long as 2,000 years ago.
Gently dried, the flowers can be used to make a very tasty herbal schnapps.