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The elements of Nature Room Thyborøn

Nature Room Thyborøn invites you in and invites you out to play, to relax, to let yourself be absorbed, and to find a different kind of experience of nature and culture.

The nature room consists of a number of elements which each and all enhance the area in which they have been built. Here you may gambol in the sand, enjoy the peace of nature on a walk in the meadows, or you may explore the beach searching for stones, amber or other treasures among bunkers and waves.

The elements of the nature room are built of materials that are highly characteristic for the area: wood, stone, concrete, and steel, placed in a rough environment. It is wild when a gale is raging, making the sea rise, and filling the air with salt and sand. In this way the nature room radiates its own vulnerability as well as it pays homage to the environment in which it is placed.

The conception and the development of the various facilities and their promotion through Nature Room Thyborøn were based on local initiatives and a huge voluntary effort.
We hope that you may have a good and memorable experience and that you will look after yourselves and the facilities!