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Birds in the thicket

The area between the marshes and the foot of the protective dam is bordered by a thicket with the character of a tiny forest. Otherwise there is not much woody vegetation on Harboøre Isthmus, but there is enough to permit roe deer to thrive here. Their tracks can be seen in sandy areas.

The thicket consists mostly of sea buckthorn, but there is also some elder and willow among the buckthorn, often thoroughly bound together by brambles. Numerous insects in windy West Jutland find shelter in the bushes.

Shelter and food attract small birds such as the icterine warbler (West Jutland’s nightingale), the hedge sparrow (whose song is often likened to the sound of a rusty wheelbarrow), whitethroats, linnets and willow warblers with their soft melodious song which is often compared with the sight of a falling leaf.