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The bird hide

About 700 metres south of Rønland Station there is a bird hide. It is hidden in a thicket of sea buckthorn under the power line just west of the dike. The work road at the foot of the dike is your way by foot from Vesterhavsgade, just west of Rønland Station.

The hide is a low wooden building painted black, its roof 4 by 8 metres. The space inside is 7 by 2,25 metres and there is a terrace on the east side with a seating space of 1 by 6 metres. The plants on the roof and the bucktorn thicket make the hide almost invisible. In the western front of the hide there are narrow horizontal holes for bird watching from a standing position as well as a seated position.

Especially during the migrations in spring, from March till May, and in autumn from August till October, there can be huge numbers of birds on the water and on the meadows just west of the hide. From here you may watch many different species of web-footed birds and wading birds at the lake.

On the back wall, above a bench, there are posters with illustrations of about 40 species of birds that you may see if you are lucky. Besides you can read about the purpose of the sanctuary, the wild life reserve and how it is maintained here on Harboøre Tange.

The entrance to the hide is all right for disabled people but the access road is not good for wheel chairs.