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The Atlantic Wall

The Atlantic Wall was ordered built by Hitler and it is a fortification stretching from Spain to the top of Norway. The Atlantic Wall was to prevent the allied forces from landing in Denmark or any other European country occupied by Hitler during WW2. It was also built so that Hitler could concentrate on the Eastern Front.

In Denmark the Atlantic Wall consists of about 8000 various concrete structures among which the almost 2000 bunkers are best known. Just in the vicinity of Thyborøn there are about 100 bunkers.

Work on the Atlantic Wall started I 1940 but it was only in 1943 that the Danish stretch was really started up. In Denmark the bunkers were built by local contractors employing “voluntary” workers. Unemployed people were assigned only this kind of work. The Germans tried to hide the bunkers from the enemy by disguising them as civilian buildings, in Thyborøn for example. Many beaches in Denmark were mined in order the stop an allied invasion.

In Nature Room Thyborøn one of the bunkers has been freed from sand. Here you may sit on a bench and relax. In case you want further relaxation, you may bring a hammock and try to sleep in the bunker.

At the Coast Centre Exploratorium a bunker has been turned into a museum where you can find information about the “turtle” spy, an architect who worked for the Germans, at the same time working as a spy for the English during WW2.